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Watch this video now! Big boobs by the pool
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It is not so common to find a peasant that do not be an old one. The other I gave we saw a rich mommy that to approach us to see if our eyes were manipulating us. Creiamos that was the sun in our eyes that hiso that she be to seen better but was not the sun. Was true! Another normal thing with peasants is that they do not have a lot of sex. Flirting with her by a while and already was naked! That cuerpaso has this cattleman!

Watch this video now! Sexy Trespasser
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El otro dia estaba con mi amigo en la propiedad que le pertenece a el. El habia comprado una casa entre las montañas y estaba interesado en vendiendolo. Asi que traje mi camara para grabar la propiedad cuando de repente vi en mi lente una chica bien sexy tratando de robarse unas guanabanas de el arbol creciendo en la propiedad. La cojimos en el acto y despues de verla mas cerca y ver que sexy era la invitamos a pasar unas horas con nosotros en la picina. Me parece que eso era exactamente el plan de la tipa porque ella empezo a coquetear con mi pana. Ella planifico todo. Terminamos grabando unas horas de sexo! Lo que queria ella era enseñarnos SUS guanabanas

Watch this video now! Pretty girl gets some cum
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What else I can tell you my favorite friend Juliana?! She is sexy, has perfect tits and natural, has an ass that does not stop, hypnoticos eyes and best of all?!?! She fascinates men especially new and young men! I brought a friend as the wind brings a butterfly from a spider web. Friends have to see Juliana in action. It's wonderful!

Watch this video now! Poolside Sex
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A friend of mine paints. They can draw you or person in less than 10 minutes. We went ourselves to seek landscapes or any thing that inspire art when we saw a pretty girl walking the I carry localities. It was called Paula and was buenisima. My friend I mention that him parecia good muse and we invite it to return to the apartment with us. We told him that the queriamos to paint, but him did not we tell that tendria that to be stripped to sit. Thanks to God she already was attracted by my friend. He was half a facil that was stripped and when we saw it naked was dificil to paint. In short Paula us gift the inspiracion that nececitabamos!

Watch this video now! Fantasia
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Decidi dejar la chiva por un dia para ver que tipo de mujer podia encontrar en uno de los buses mas elegantes y mas profecionales. Bueno adivinen lo que me encontre!! Me encontre una mujer bien sexy en ruta para el trabajo. Despues de un rato yaq estabamos hablando de fantasias sexuales. Que les parece que en este dia hicimos una fantasia real. Disfruten!

Watch this video now! Sexy Juliana
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That rich and the horny Juliana! We meet her in the street, she was a tourist, buying little things at the market. We invite her for a drink at home with us and asked us for a Pina Colada "with lots of milk, I love milk." Therefore proved that she really liked milk, because my colleague got the afternoon cock whole and when it ran, the girl swallowed it all! Enjoy!

Watch this video now! Huge animals with big heads
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A friend of mine was watching some videos we had recently recorded when got a grand idea. His idea was to try to pick up a chick at the zoo. Inspired, we went to the nearest zoo that same day. After finding parking, we found this woman who looked pretty lost. She had apparently gone to the zoo on a group trip and got distracted by one of the new exhibits and lost her group. Perfect for us because we offered her help to find her group and she accepted. After some time of looking for her group we stopped by the Flamingoes. She then began to tell us she liked animals with long legs and long necks. She told us that she studied biology and wanted to study about the animal world. I asked her if...

Watch this video now! In the shower with Juliana
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It was a nice day on the coast when we met Juliana. She was relaxing on the shore when we enter. Let me tell you that Juliana has everything you want a man on vacation. Ass? Perfect. The tits? Large firm and body? Phenomenal! The record convinced us to leave after that bathing and fucking was something easy. Wow, wow, wow! Juliana is really good! She does know how to give and receive pleasure. The way it sucks. The way it moves. The way it moves. Wow, wow, wow!

Watch this video now! ¡Navidad a la Colombiana!
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En esta navidad decidimos hacerlo a la Colombiana, y lo decidimos hacer con estas dos bellas y calientes duendecillas. Ellas estaban hambrientas de caramelo y les di su caramelo navideño en la buseta culiona. Una vez en la buseta le dimos gusto al gusto follando en todas las posiciones habidas y por haber. Esta bella duendecilla es tan caliente que le encanta comerse el caramelo y su lechita caliente al final. ¡En esta Navidad disfruta del fuego de esta bella duencilla!

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